Meeka Claxton

Meeka Claxton, a Belizean-American, was born August 7th,1979.  True to her astrological sign of Leo, she was always a go-getter! Raised in the heart of Queens, New York by her two loving yet very strict parents, time outside of school was spent full of extra-curricular activities.  From cheerleading to acting, she did it all! Her parents made sure to keep her occupied and off the streets.

A VP at Merrill Lynch, her father taught her the value of a dollar and a working mother by choice, Meeka’s mom instilled in her at an early age the importance of being an independent woman.  Meeka has been quoted time and time again as crediting these very same lessons as being the driving forces behind her success.

After graduating from Hillcrest High School, she went on to Hofstra University.  A freshman at Hofstra, she met her future husband, NBA Champion Speedy Claxton.  Meeka graduated in 2001 and in 2003, Speedy & Meeka welcomed their first daughter Aniya.  Their second daughter, London, was born in 2008.

In 2006, CLAXTON INC was born and in 2007,Speedy and Meeka started building their empire when they joined forces with Shiwana Scott-Reed and became founding partner of Allure Realty Group, a luxury global real estate boutique.  Meeka excelled quickly, earning her the prestigious Cambridge ‘Who’s Who Award’ for excellence as a luxury real estate professional.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to achieve all of her dreams – today Meeka and her hubby are building their empire, CLAXTON INC, together. They have launched Privileged (girls clothing & accessories brand), Claxton Productions and Million Dollar Girlz (a movement dedicated to mentoring young women and female entrepreneurs).  Meeka is the epitome of style & business savvy…never missing a beat in her 6 inch designer stilettos!